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  • Socket Type: 754, 939, 940, AM2, AM2+, AM3, AM3+ & F
  • Material: Copper heatpipes, base with bonded aluminum fins
  • Heat Sink Size: 92W x 95L x 64H
  • Fan Size: 70 x 70 x 20mm
  • Voltage: 12V DC
  • Bearing: Dual Ball Bearings
  • Connector: 4-Pin PWM (3-pin backwards compatible)
  • Application:
  • AMD Phenom II X2, X3, X4, X6, X8 (ALL)
  • AMD Phenom X4 up to 9950 Black Edition (125W)
  • AMD Phenom X2 and X3 (ALL)
  • AMD Athlon II X2, X3, X4 (ALL)
  • AMD Athlon X2 (K10)(ALL)
  • AMD Athlon 64 X2 (ALL)
  • AMD Athlon 64 FX (ALL)
  • AMD Athlon 64 (ALL)
  • AMD Sempron (ALL)

AVC Z7UH40Q001 Copper Pipe AM2/AM3 Cooler (cpu fan)

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